Energy Generation and Storage


energy generation and storage megatrend

Electricity is the blood coursing through the veins of modern society. One of the major security threats to nations today, particularly the U.S., is the vulnerability of the power grid, particularly given the aging and fragile infrastructure on which it rests. Any major, prolonged outage has the potential to bring down the communications infrastructure on which society and commerce depends.

The prospect of efficient, scalable, and affordable energy storage would be a game-changer.  The ability to disaggregate the storage of energy, which would also facilitate the disaggregation of production of energy would both reduce the vulnerability of society to the prospect of the power grid going down, and allow for scaleable micro-generation of power in the face of ever increasing energy demand.  Scaleable, efficient storage would also unleash the potential for the growth of renewable energy, enabling the balancing of supply and demand from erratic energy sources such as wind and solar.

More efficient energy storage also opens up new possibilities in mobile applications, from increasing the practicality of electric cars and other transportation systems, to facilitating mobile businesses.


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While breakthroughs in energy generation and storage will have obvious, but huge, disruptive impacts on the traditional energy businesses, and ripple effects on other sectors such as automotive, the promise of disruptive change in energy generation and storage provides opportunities for many other sectors that are otherwise constrained by the portability of power.  


How will Energy Generation and Storage impact your business?

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